Examples of domains used for fraudEdit

By loading any of these, the registrar can verify the brand, then establish the fraudulent use of the domain name by viewing the evidence that has been prepared for registrars and law enforcement. Note that some of these will be switched from one fraud brand to another.

RxExpressOnlineEdit (suspended)

The DoctorsEdit

now redirecting to


The DoctorsEdit (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended)

Where to send abuse complaintsEdit

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