Reduce the impact of spamEdit

Protect your main email boxes: follow one of the many guides on preventing your address getting out there.

One thing that is advisable is to have multiple email addresses set up when signing up for newsletters, purchasing of items online, and other such activity. Alternatively, services such as mailinator offer "disposable" email-addresses.

It is best to keep your personal and business email address protected from such sign-ups in order to minimize spam you receive in your primary email boxes.

Also stamp outgoing email using systems like Penny Post and demand stamped email from your senders. This makes it harder for spammers to generate spam for your email address.

Check your computer for malwareEdit

Get more help from the links on Spam Links' consumer security advice page.

Protect your online identityEdit

Identity Theft is one of the fastest-growing crimes online. You should never enter personal details on untrusted websites. Ideally, the only places you should enter personal contact information are on secured order forms on websites you trust.

DDoS ProtectionEdit

DDoS Protection is important for anti-spam websites, which are often targeted by spammers in an attempt to silence opposition to unwanted e-mail.

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